• Style Spotlight: Kendall Jenner

    She may not be a Kardashian technically but Kendall Jenner is starting to become one of my favorites in the Kardashian clan. Only 15 years old and she is just as stylish as her big sisters! With the new season of KUWTK starting tonight I hope to see a lot more of her style and growing modeling career.

    I love all my sisters' styles. They can just put stuff together and make it really cute. I'm trendy, but with an edge. At home I wear sweats. But when I go out, I'll wear jeans and a cute jacket or a minidress. I used to wear heels more, but at five ten, I just tower over everyone, so I've been going for flats lately.--Kendall
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    1. Kendall is so gorgeous and tall! Her long legs drive me crazy. I'm definitely going to have fun watching her and jerking off over her on this season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.


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