• Trendy or Tacky: Colored Jeans?

    Colored jeans have made another comeback! They were huge back in the 80′s and some celebs even rocked them a few years ago. But this year everyone is catching on to this trend. And by the looks of it, red and indigo colors seem to be the most popular. What do you think of the colorful trend, love it or hate it?...Or do you already own your own pair of colored jeans!

    Rachel Bilson 

    Cameron Diaz

    Hayden Panettiere

    Kim Kardashian

    Khloe Kardashian, pairing her jeans with Christian Louboutins

    Hilary Duff


    Rihanna, being the true trendsetter that she is, was already rocking colored jeans back in 2008

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    1 comment:

    1. LOVE!!

      Hilary's rocking those bright yellow! and Fergie/Riri.


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