• Halloween Queen III, Heidi Klum

    She is truly the queen of Halloween. Every year she has the best and most creative costumes. From sexy to creepy, to just plain weird, Heidi Klum has done it all. Have a look at some of her best creations, I had to save the best for last!

    2011: As a dead body

    2010: As a Robot Glamazon 

    2009: As a Crow

    2008: Hindu goddess Kali

    2007: As a Cat

    2006: As the apple from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil
    aka, "the Adam & Eve apple"

    2005: As a Vampire 

    2003: As an Alien 

    2002: As Betty Boop (my favorite!)

    2001: As Lady Godiva 

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    1 comment:

    1. I like how she's never really opted for the 'mega skirt dress, slightly slutty' type of costumes