• Trendy or Tacky: Animal Shapes?

    Fashion is starting to put a spin on animal prints. This year it seems that everyone is wearing literal animal prints-- with silhouette shapes of horses, cats, and just about everything else. The trend seems a bit juvenile but starlets seem to love it. What do you think? Would you wear these looks? 

    Jayma Mays in ASOS: Horse print

    Kourtney Kardashian in ASOS: Horse print 

    Victoria Beckham in Victoria Beckham: Cat Print

    Alexa Chung in Louis Vuitton: Shoe print (I thought they were animals, but just boots & heels)

    Laura Bailey in Miu Miu: Bird print 

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    1. I think it can be quite chic, but only if worn properly ;) Laura Bailey looks amazing in that Miu Miu frock!




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