• Trendy or Tacky: Isabel Marant Sneakers?

    I will be totally honest, when I first saw these shoes I thought they were super ugly! I am a sneaker/tennis shoes girl at heart but I disliked these instantly. And I honestly didn't think that anyone would wear them. But I was wrong! And even had a change of heart once I saw them on Alicia Keys. These Isabel Marant sneakers are actually quite popular among celebs and fashion bloggers. In fact there is a long waiting list just to own a pair and will set you back about $700! But I guess that isn't a problem for the likes of Miranda Kerr and Beyonce, who have also been spotted sporting the shoes. What do you think of them--would you wear these sneakers?

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    1. being a sneaker-head , I have to go with trendy , these look like high top sneakers for women.

      great post



    2. I actually like it and se myself wearing such even though I don't normally like such

    3. In face,I totally love them at the first sight.

    4. I think for most of trendies, the first sight they see this kind of Isabel Marant wedge sneakers they would be captured by the colors and the styles, and I am just one of them.

    5. hey, your blog is great!! And the pics of isabel marant sneakers are also really good, like them very much, so fashionable and posh. Thank you for sharing.

    6. i'm not a fan of sneakers but isabel marant sneakers are cute!


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