Who is Christine Centenera?

by - 3:13 PM

Most people rave about celebrities and their style, labeling them as "best dressed", but it's really the fashion editors who have it going on! Take Christine Centenera. She was once the fashion editor of Harper's Bazaar Australia, and is now currently an editor at Vogue Australia! Not only that but she is also a stylist on the side and has been working with Kanye West to create a fashion line. She may even be behind Kim Kardashian's new look; with Kanye taking many fashion ques from her and recycling them on Kim! What I love most about her personal style is that it is so laid back and wearable. True, most of her clothes are straight off the runway but she wears them so effortlessly. With Christine it's all about the clothes; she's always leaving her hair and make-up simple to put more emphasis on the fashion. And the more I see her in different looks, the more I fall in love with her style!

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