• Hot Mama, Blake Lively

    Whenever a celebrity becomes pregnant it's always argued that they are the "hottest mom-to-be", or the "sexiest celebrity parent"--but Blake might really be the hottest and most stylish celebrity pregnant woman to date!

    In Michael Kors gown

    In Michael Kors Resort gown and Michelle Kim coat

    In Gucci dress & shoes 

    In Michael Kors skirt and Thomas Sires coat with Louboutins

    In Lindsey Thornburg cloak and Sam & Lavi Evelyn skirt

    In Lindsey Thornburg cloak

    In Loup top and Michelle Kim skirt & coat

    In Korovilas Eleanor dress and Lindsey Thornburg trench cloak with Louboutins

    In Lindsey Thornburg trench cloak and J. Brand jeans 

    In Lindsey Thornburg cloak

    In Michelle Kim pants & top and Suss Maria scarf with Louboutins

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