• Gigi Hadid for Vogue

    Some models dream of being on the cover of Vogue at least once in their career. But Gigi Hadid has been lucky enough to be featured on the "Fashion Bible" 20 times! Other than American Vogue, she has landed multiple international Vogue covers too and she was also featured twice on Teen Vogue. And considering that she is only 21 and her modeling career is still in it's earlier days, I'm sure that we'll see her many more times and beat Lauren Hutton's record of 26 covers.


    Teen Vogue, March 2015

    Teen Vogue, March 2015

    Vogue Spain, March 2015

    Vogue Brazil, June 2015

    Vogue Australia, June 2015

    Vogue Italy, November 2015

    Vogue Netherlands, Novemeber 2015

    Vogue UK, January 2016 

    Vogue Paris, March 2016

    Vogue Paris, March 2016

    Vogue China, March 2016

    Vogue Italy, May 2016

    Vogue Germany, May 2016

    American Vogue, August 2016 

    Vogue "It Girl" Special Edition, October 2016

    Vogue Paris, November 2016 

    Vogue Japan, December 2016

    American Vogue, March 2017

    Vogue UK, March 2017

    Vogue China, March 2017

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